What Changes Will You Make This Year?

Mahesh Raj Mohan

Mahesh Raj Mohan

I am a full-time Portland freelance copywriter, editor, and content marketing specialist. I help companies with white papers, case studies, technical writing, product copy, and more.

I went in for a haircut a couple of weeks ago, and while chatting with the barber, I mentioned how I worked on the same desktop for six years, and used a BlackBerry as my mobile workstation for three years.

As you can tell, I like stability.

Around this time, my desktop started flashing Blue Screens of Death, one of my external backup drives died, and I had to replace my BlackBerry.

It was somehow appropriate that this was all occurring at the beginning of 2013 as I gave my writing and editing business its own name.  And as I thought more about it, although I like stability, my professional life argues the opposite.

January 18 was my “freelanciversary,” as Tobias Buckell calls it.  I worked in a start-up environment that was exciting and all-consuming for many years.  I grew a lot while I was there, and I’m honestly proud of the work I did.

But, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that there comes a point  when change is not only a good idea, it’s required so you can move on in your life. Whether we like it or not, life is a constant adventure. As we age, we face new challenges, and our favorite tools, and even our brands, will only last a finite amount of time.

Which brings me to you.

As a business owner,  I’ll bet that you also enjoy stability, and you have some pretty deeply ingrained ideas about how to market your business.  Or if you’re an entrepreneur, you may have some set ideas about how to publicize your start-up.

Ask yourself the following questions:

1. Does the language that describes my business excite me?
2. Can my print collateral be more dazzling?
3. Does my website accurately reflect my business?

Even brands that are 100 years old regularly change their slogans and logos.

It’s a brand new year.  What changes do you want to make?

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4 thoughts on “What Changes Will You Make This Year?”

  1. Ooh, great question! I’d like to try and do more in-person networking this year to get closer to the people in my community. And I need to finally get around to fixing my phone…I cracked the screen a year ago and it’s about time!

    Sorry to hear about your blue screen of death! Hope that gets resolved soon. I love the new redesign and new name, by the way. Great job!

  2. Hi NS!

    I think the BSODs were due to my failing external drive. Well that’s my thought, anyway! I love your idea of more in-person networking; that helps me, as well. And I need to do more of it in my immediate area, too.

    Thanks for the compliment on the site and name, 🙂

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