One Simple Step To Build a Client List…

Mahesh Raj Mohan

Mahesh Raj Mohan

I am a full-time Portland freelance copywriter, editor, and content marketing specialist. I help companies with white papers, case studies, technical writing, product copy, and more.

…is to follow-through on a promise.  Once I’ve understood, or helped to define, the parameters of a project, I tend to take every stage of the deadline seriously.  I don’t promise fast turnarounds unless I can deliver.  I allow enough time for revisions.  Good clients clearly communicate their deadlines and expectations. Ninety-five percent of all my clients have been clear about when they need.

Because we’re all human, “explosions of life” occur.  When client work and life take up most of my time, I put side projects on the back-burner, ease up on social media, and ask family to help entertain our pre-schooler. (A major reason I work from home as a freelancer is to spend more time with my wife and kid.) Following through on promises to my clients also means I’ve done less content marketing (blog writing) on my own site. I do not recommend this, by the way, it’s just what happens– even to professional writers.

But, to make up for the lack of content here, I became the leader and organizer for  the Copywriter Conclave of Portland. (CC:PDX). My marketing efforts occurred at the CC:PDX blog, on a blog post about communication strategies on Mathys+Potestio’s site, and even via an unsolicited (and very kind) mention on Carol Tice’s Make a Living Writing blog.

I’ve also added new projects to my Portfolio. Barring any more explosions of life, my intent is to highlight different projects where I solved problems for my clients. And, of course, to always follow-through on every promise I make.

What are your tips to build a solid book of business?

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