Thirty testimonials (and counting). Many years of professional writing and editing experience as an onsite and remote worker. Proven results. Great attitude. Let me put my reliability to work for you and your company.



Businesses, consumers, and marketers all understand the necessity of quality content … but “quality” can cause confusion, because it is subjective.



For me, writing is strategy. The actual act of writing takes a lot of thought, and it sits on a foundation of research I’ve done on your audience and on you.


Mahesh was exceptionally helpful with my overall content strategy, acting more like a creative partner than an editor — including creative brainstorming, research, a mastery of technical concepts, monthly blog composition, and some ghostwriting. Through all these ways of contributing, Mahesh consistently over-contributed and was delightfully easy to work with. I would love to work with Mahesh again!

Paul O’Brien, Executive Director, Divination Foundation


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Writing and Editing Aren’t Always Complementary

I sometimes receive inbound inquiries seeking “an excellent writer who is also a painstaking line editor.” The skills seem complementary, right? Pie and ice cream; pickles and mustard; copywriting and copy editing. Many writers are also editors, but both skills require different types of concentration. I’ll use a few examples from my work history to

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My name is Mahesh Raj Mohan. I am a full-time Portland freelance writer, content marketing strategist, and editor. I help companies achieve their content goals, reach audiences, and communicate their brand messaging with a “can-do” attitude.
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