Freelance Writer: Work and Solving Problems

Mahesh Raj Mohan

Mahesh Raj Mohan

I am a full-time Portland freelance copywriter, editor, and content marketing specialist. I help companies with white papers, case studies, technical writing, product copy, and more.

I never like to say the word, “work.”

Not because I prefer idleness.  Quite the opposite.  As a freelance writer and editor near Portland, I look at content creation and refinement as fun.   I am genuinely pleased to help my clients reach their audience(s).  The task itself becomes the reward … largely because I’ve already worked out the compensation and am happy with it.

So how do you communicate self-motivation to a client?

Calling oneself self-motivated or even a self-starter is, well, a non-starter.  These terms get tossed around a lot, because prospective service providers want to demonstrate autonomy and expertise.  But if you hire a service provider and then the individual(s) don’t update you and deliver a shoddy product, then you’ll be gun-shy around anyone else who calls her/himself “self-motivated.”

Instead, I like to draw analogies.  So when I’m on a freelance writing or editing project, I’m like Winston “The Wolf” from Pulp Fiction.  I solve problems.  I like to solve problems.  Sometimes I invent problems just so I can solve them (ask my wife)!

I also don’t ever take on a freelance writing client unless I can get excited about his or her service.  My clients are often trying to solve problems themselves, or build a brand centered on trustworthiness, so my work dovetails beautifully with theirs.

As I mentioned before, I tend to work pretty quickly on projects, but I like to take time to get to know you, your business, and your plans.   When you hire me, I often say it’s like having an offsite employee utterly dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

If you want to outsource website content, print ads, or other writing to a freelance writer, please contact me.

I’ll also open it up … what qualities in a service provider put your mind at ease?

“I think fast, I talk fast … I’m here to help.”

Winston "The Wolf" Wolfe

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