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Sungard AS Blog

Sungard AS Blog

Freelance cybersecurity copywriting is a major focus of my business. I pitched Sungard Availability Services, because they had a B2B blog, and they are a large corporation in the cybersecurity and information security space.  I worked with three different marketing teams to come up with the right topic. The blog’s B2B audience has complex “pain …

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2018 Oregon Products Catalog

2018 Oregon Products Catalog

The Oregon Products Catalog is the brand’s flagship content (and Oregon Products is arguably the flagship of Blount International.) I’ve worked on multiple iterations of the Oregon Products Catalog, where I update my own copy, or I rewrite the work of their internal teams. My contacts include Publication Designer, Russ Borgen; Director of Global Branding, …

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Harvester Tagline Copy


Nicole Forsi, a senior graphic designer for Blount International, contacted me to help write content for a t-shirt. Life is never boring for a writer! I had never written copy for a t-shirt before, so I gave her and Blount’s Creative Services Manager, Jason Williamson, several options. They chose #3, which Nicole said, “sounds like …

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Built Environments NW


Internal communications copy is crucial for businesses. It takes a specific written skill set, because I’m producing something that the CEO or President directly oversees, and these individuals are always busy. That was the case when Cassidy of Bartel Contracting contacted me to help them revise descriptions for their employees. The company had used a …

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Solar Power Whitepaper

Solar Power Project

I consider this whitepaper one of my “crown jewels” of technical writing.  It began as a special project for a large client. It entailed hundreds of hours of research, writing, editing, and revision, and I worked closely with the solar company’s VP of Operations. I reviewed hours of raw video and written research materials to …

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Nuclear Medicine Whitepaper

Cyclotron Project

This nuclear medicine whitepaper is another example of taking dozens of pages of technical information and creating a document readable for a non-expert audience.  It’s also cool because I got to write about a particle accelerator (cyclotron) that is helping make the world a better place. This project underwent relatively few revisions, and the cyclotron …

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Swag’r SaaS Project


The leadership team of Swag’r contacted me to create technical and business documents in late 2013.  They loved what I wrote, and began seeking investor capital. Swag’r is a Software-as-a-Serve (SaaS) app. It uses geolocation and permission-based marketing to allow users to find what they want based on their current locations. There is also a …

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Copywriter Conclave of Portland

2011 was a year of transition for me, and anecdotally, the entire Portland metro. I left my local networking group and met with Kristin O’Neill, one of my copywriting friends, about starting a networking group made up of writers and editors. A month later, we met Amber James for coffee at Café Umbria. And shortly …

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HR Manual

A few years back, a small business experiencing double-digit employee growth needed a human resources manual.  We had worked together on other internal business documents, so I was happy to write a human resources document. The Society for Human Resource Management provided an invaluable starting point. I performed hours of research on federal and Oregon …

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