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2018 Oregon Products Catalog

The Oregon Products Catalog is the brand’s flagship content (and Oregon Products is arguably the flagship of Blount International.)

I’ve worked on multiple iterations of the Oregon Products Catalog, where I update my own copy, or I rewrite the work of their internal teams. My contacts include Publication Designer, Russ Borgen; Director of Global Branding, Laurie Barton; and Business Segment Directors Jennifer Fritz and Bethany York.

Sometimes the copywriting got down to the wire, so I had to reach into my “write fast/write well” toolbox. I’d learned this skill as a business plan writer, and it’s served me well here.

Some of the results are below, and more are available upon request. You can view the entire catalog online here: 2018 Oregon Products Catalog.

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“Thanks for the quick turnaround!”
Russ Borgen, Publications Designer
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