Writing blog posts requires multiple skill sets, including research, SEO, copywriting, and subject matter expert interviews. This is true for the dozens of blog posts under my own byline, such as the blog post on creative professionals for The Creative Party. But it’s also true for blog posts that I write (or ghostwrite) for company blogs.  I’ve excerpted an example of a blog post that required multiple subject matter expert interviews, research, writing, and editing.

Ghostwriting requires the skills I mentioned above, but it also includes the ability to know another human being’s writing style and personality. If you’d like samples of my ghostwritten blog posts, feel free to contact me.

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Several, including Galois (ghostwriting)
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“He’s never missed a deadline or delivered work that wasn’t to our standards for publishing. He’s my first stop of content support.”
Tiffany Jennings, Senior Marketing Manager and Content Strategist