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How You Can Manage and Eliminate Technical Debt


Writing blog posts requires multiple skill sets, including research, SEO, copywriting, and subject matter expert interviews. This is true for the dozens of blog posts under my own byline, such as the blog post on creative professionals for The Creative Party. But it’s also true for blog posts for company blogs.  I’ve excerpted two blog

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Galois Logo

Galois Website Content

I began writing cybersecurity website content for Galois in 2019.  Galois works on technologies that will pave the way for software correctness.  Software correctness just means making sure the software does what it intends to do. Software that doesn’t do what it was intended can be hacked. Or it is so bug-ridden that it needs

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Galois NIST case study

Cybersecurity Case Study

Case studies are an effective marketing tool. They are usually tied to lead generation, and they need to convince an audience (usually non-experts) to hire a company and/or buy their products. I wrote the Galois case study below. The case study is meant to highlight Galois’s software correctness services, where “systems do exactly what you

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Oregon Products Catalog

Oregon Products is the flagship of Oregon Tool, a global leader in precision-cutting tools. I’ve worked on multiple iterations of the Oregon Products website content, where I update my own copy, or I rewrite the work of their internal teams. I’ve worked with several design teams to create print and web content. There were times

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case study

Blockchain Case Study

Case studies are a fascinating and effective marketing tool. They are usually tied to lead generation, and they need to convince an audience (usually a non-expert audience) to hire a company and/or buy their product(s).  This page will eventually feature a blockchain-related case study. If you’re interested in seeing the case studies I’ve worked on,

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Oregon Tool Product Copy

I began working on product copy with the Oregon Tool creative services team in 2016 – when the company was known as Blount International.  I’ve worked on manuals, website copy, video scripts, and even t-shirt slogans for multiple brands under the Oregon Tool umbrella.  E-commerce product copy has always been at the center of our

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