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Three Ways Great Writing Can Help Your Business

As a professional writer and editor, I’m always interested in other professionals’ views on writing.   I recently read an excellent article by Dave Kerpen entitled, “Want To Be Taken Seriously? Become a Better Writer.”  The article is written as a guide for both writers and professionals, and Mr. Kerpen gives several practical tips. Mr.

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Freelance Writer: Published Reviews and Articles

Sorry for the extended blog silence.  I’ve been a busy freelance writer composing reviews for Portland eateries and writing articles, among other projects. Here are some links to recently published work: The Oregonian (India Sweets and Spices; Cheap Eats; June 24, 2011) The Oregonian (Bambuza Vietnam Bistro; Cheap Eats; June 8, 2011) The Oregonian (Biscuits

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