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networking must work for you

Networking Events Must Work For You

2011 was an odd year.  The U.S. was technically out of the recession, but everyone I talked to felt the recovery was fragile. I had started my freelance writing/editing business the year before, and I was still learning how to market myself to generate leads. Hardly anything was automated or one-click back then. Blogging and

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Brave Little Blogger

I’m proud to be a prize donor for fellow freelance writer Emily Suess‘ “Brave Little Blogger” contest.   “What is this contest about, Mahesh?”  I’m glad you asked! It’s a free contest for all bloggers.   As Emily says, “it doesn’t matter whether you blog for fun or money … through blogging, we are all given a

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Freelance Writer: Refinement=Cleaning

I’ve mentioned the refinement process I use as a freelance writer.  For me, it’s a lot like spring cleaning. This past weekend, I methodically took out all the larger objects out of the garage (car, recycling container, trash container, paint cans, etc.), lifted the brush broom, and started sweeping. Because I think about writing and

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Whew, got a lot of links added to a blog. A blog just ain’t right without links added, and I have a bunch of writers, editors, consultants, and fun sites to check out. So … happy clicking!

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