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2009, 2000s, and the Future

On the first day of this year on my old blog, I wrote: “Here’s hoping it’s a great year for everyone. So long, 2008 … … Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.” And then I included a picture of heavy door that one  might find in prisons or middle schools.

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New Tech

I stay at the bleeding edge of technology for professional and research purposes, but  I tend to be a late technology adopter, personally.   I resisted buying a cell phone for years, and the one I have now is fairly low tech, compared to the new smartphones.   I had a big, boxy Zenith television for

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Howdy!  I’ve had several blogs over the years (as the title implies, this is the fifth version), but this is the first time I’ve had one attached to a larger website (and the first time I’ve had a website!), so welcome to “Liberate Your Bliss.” My name is Mahesh Raj Mohan, and aside from being

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