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Freelance cybersecurity copywriting is a major focus of my business. I pitched Sungard Availability Services, because they had a B2B blog, and they are a large corporation in the cybersecurity and information security space.  I worked with three different marketing teams to come up with the right topic. The blog’s B2B audience has complex “pain points,” and I focused this blog post on compliance. I researched Sungard AS’s suite of services and came up with a nautical theme.  Both marketing teams enjoyed the content, and I helped coordinate social media promotion.  As a result, the blog post gained a lot of attention, particularly on LinkedIn.

If you want to learn more about cybersecurity and information security content, feel free to contact me.


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Sungard AS Blog


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August 2016


“This is great thank you so much. I’m prepping the social content for our corporate channels now. When they go live if you could like and share with your audiences, that would be fantastic! I can’t ask for better.”
Colleen M. Rzucidlo, Social Media and Community Manager
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