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Oregon Kinetic Log Splitter Video

The trick to writing video script copy is to say all the words out loud while keeping an eye on the time.  Jason Williamson, Creative Services Manager of Blount, sent me a PowerPoint about Oregon Products’ new log splitter. He wanted me to write a video script. The video’s audience are people who know how to use a precision machine with a lot of power behind it.

Oh, and the video script couldn’t be longer than two minutes and forty-five seconds.

I edited and rewrote the highly technical content, and then I used the stopwatch function on my watch as I read the words aloud.  The video has wracked up some impressive views and likes so far.

I also wrote content for the Kinetic Log Splitter’s print and web media (see below).  It was fun to tune the writing to the same audience with different media.

If you’re interested in ordering the Oregon Kinetic Log Splitter, check out

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Video Script

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June 2016


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