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Paul O’Brien’s Divination Foundation

My relationship with Paul O’Brien’s Divination Foundation began with a simple inbound e-mail query. Nayana Jennings, the foundation’s board member and project manager, sought a developmental editor for the latest book by Paul O’Brien, the foundation’s founder. Paul was a serial entrepreneur who had sold his company in 2007 and after decades of 60-80 hour weeks, was finally enjoying life as an author, radio host, and speaker.

Paul had been working on the book, Great Decisions, Perfect Timing: Cultivating Intuitive Intelligence for years. So he needed help!

The inbound query led to a sample chapter edit, then an in-person interview, and a short negotiation. I had been hired so fast that my head spun a bit. I spent a month editing the book, speaking to Paul every weekday morning for a few minutes, and then doing research on some sections. Paul was generous and easy to work with, and Nayana was equally helpful and kind.

After the book’s launch, I designed a twelve-month content strategy designed to build an audience through regular blog posts, a new LinkedIn profile, and a daily Twitter feed. The Divination Foundation’s separate Facebook page worked in tandem with my efforts. I’ve proudly included Paul’s testimonial on my home page, and Nayana’s on my Services page.

This is what we achieved together:

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