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Internal communications copy is crucial for businesses. It takes a specific written skill set, because I’m producing something that the CEO or President directly oversees, and these individuals are always busy. That was the case when Cassidy of Bartel Contracting contacted me to help them revise descriptions for their employees.

The company had used a resume writing service before, but they didn’t feel like the words properly or accurately defined the positions. Kevin had spent decades in construction and new well-written job descriptions would help him not only hire key personnel, but retain them, because position scope, responsibilities, and reporting duties would be clear.

I spent a few months working with Kevin Bartel, the owner, as well as his son Kyan and Cassidy. At the end of the project, I had rewritten content for 30+ positions, and helped streamline the focus and responsibilities, with the approval of Kevin.

Kevin and Cassidy told me that these job descriptions were crucial in hiring several new people who are still with the company, and helped Built Environments NW complete work in Portland, Hillsboro, and Tualatin.

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Built Environments NW/Bartel Contracting


Built Environments NW/Bartel Contracting

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I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Mahesh. He is extremely professional but also very personable. I appreciate his attention to detail, and his ability to capture the essence of our company with his writing. I would definitely recommend him.
Kevin Bartel, Owner
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