The Mohans
The Mohans

I first became aware of Mahesh's work in December of 2013 while testing a public relations program for the hearing aid industry ... Mahesh treated this assignment as if it were his most important, which was the first time he impressed me with his professionalism and commitment to detail.

Guy Williams, President and CEO, Community Marketing Associates

Mahesh has the rare skill of taking large concepts and presenting them in a fashion that is concise, direct, and effective. His ability to write, edit, and revise documents to exceed client expectations is invaluable.


Hi there, I’m Mahesh Raj Mohan, the owner of Enlighten Writing. My ancestors hailed from India, but I was born and raised in Oklahoma. I grew up with people asking me which tribe I was from, and I’d say, “different kind of Indian.” I went to college (in Southern California), where I began my writing career as a journalist and news editor. I wrote advertising copy for my family’s business in 2000. Three years later, my future wife and I decided to roll the dice and move to Portland, Oregon. We soon fell in love with our adopted city. We just didn’t know that the state was in the throes of a terrible recession.

During our first scary autumn in Portland, I published my first freelance journalistic piece for Strange Horizons. In 2004, I began working for a start-up business planning firm. I stayed there for a few years, building the editing department and training new hires, while freelancing occasionally. In January 2010, while Oregon was in the throes of a much steeper recession, I decided to roll the dice again, and freelance full-time.

Over the past few years, growing businesses as well as corporations like Blount International and the Oregonian Media Group have entrusted me with their brand messaging. Writing and strategizing long-form marketing pieces (including entire websites and brochures) continues to be a fun and rewarding challenge.

Contact me, and let me know how I can help. I offer free initial consultations.

(By the way, my first name is pronounced, “muh-haysh.”)

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