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5 Things You May Not Know About Me

I normally don’t write these types of lists, but I figured, “what the hell?”  My friends Natalia Sylvester and P.S. Jones did versions of this (choosing 9 and 8 things, respectively).  I chose 5 because I like to be mysterious, ;-) Here we go: 1.  I love all things lemon. Lemon scents, lemon verbena soap, (…Read More)

What Worked in 2010

It’s the season for taking stock and end-of-year lists.  For myself, I made a pretty big life change in 2010.  I voluntarily became a full-time freelance writer in January 2010.  Leaving a salaried position with a company that I helped build was difficult, but who said personal growth was easy? Of course, like every other (…Read More)

2009, 2000s, and the Future

On the first day of this year on my old blog, I wrote: “Here’s hoping it’s a great year for everyone. So long, 2008 … … Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.” And then I included a picture of heavy door that one  might find in prisons or middle schools. (…Read More)