Experienced and Reliable Freelance Writer in Portland, OR


  • Mahesh ... will work tirelessly to edit the writing of others, to perfect content of his own creation, or to simply ‘get it right’ for a discerning client ... I'm hard-pressed to think of anyone I would trust more implicitly to truly care about a project.
    William Dean, VP Operations, MasterPlans  
  • Mahesh is a pleasure to work with: he responds to feedback, works thoughtfully but quickly, and returns deliverables on time and on budget. Mahesh adroitly captured the voice and style of our organization so his writing blended seamlessly with ours.
    Tim Wilson, Arts Administrator, Association Executive of Western Arts Alliance  
  • Mahesh has an excellent way with words, is full of thoughtful ideas, and has been instrumental in getting our content out via social media. His attention to detail, follow-through, and communication style are highly professional, plus he's a super nice guy!
    Nayana Jennings, Project Manager of Divination Foundation and Co-Founder of MarchFourth!
  • Mahesh brought solid experience and background as a writer/editor to our project. He quickly captured our requirements and produced first round content exactly as promised. His flexibility for working within our tight timeline was essential and his results were great. I was pleased with his services and I will reach out to Mahesh for future projects.

    Jack Myers, Business Solutions Manager

  • Reliable

    27+ testimonials. 15 years of professional writing and editing experience. Proven results. Great attitude. Let me put my expertise to work for you and your company.

    One of the easiest ways to build trust is to always deliver what you promise, and always respect your client’s time. I’ve followed that philosophy my entire working life, starting when I delivered two stories per week to my executive editor.

    Many years later, during a particularly brutal snow storm in Portland, I woke up at 5 a.m. and trudged through knee deep snow to get to work to make sure my assignments (and those of my snowed-in co-workers) were completed on time. As the owner of Enlighten Writing, I have no problem working extended hours if you need to review the content on Monday before presenting it to your team on Wednesday.


    Businesses, consumers, and marketers all understand the necessity of quality content … but “quality” can cause confusion, because it is subjective. Is it good sentence construction, the ability to capture a brand’s voice? Content that converts prospects into customers? Content meant for an internal audience? Quality, much of the time, comes down to excellent sentence construction and using the right “voice.”

    I can shift the voice of content so that it is appropriate for each medium. A 500-word blog post will have a different tone from an e-mail marketing piece or an internal newsletter. A quality-focused writer understands audiences and can help you verify the effectiveness of the content.


    For me, writing is strategy. The actual act of writing takes a lot of thought, and it sits on a foundation of research I’ve done on your audience and on you. It’s challenging to keep up on the latest content marketing and SEO trends. It seems like the rules change every week, or even every day. You need a consultant who understands the latest trends, and sees if they are the right fit for you.

    How do I approach your content strategy? I perform a business audit (complimentary) after talking with you over the phone, or in person. I’ve always approached my role as someone who respectfully provides the best options for your business or marketing plan.

    Contact me for a free consultation; I’d love to know more about you.


    Do you already have content written, but no one has been able to help you polish it? I’m your guy! Sometimes content needs a simple proofread (or a “typo hunt” as I call it). Other times, you need substantive editing and rewriting, which I’m also happy to do. I use a completely different set of skills when I edit content.

    I look at your content sentence-by-sentence (and often word-by-word) to ensure consistency. I’m knowledgeable of different style philosophies, and I would be more than happy to work with your preferred style guide (Chicago, APA, AP, MLA, and so on), or an in-house guide.

    If you’re an author, and you need typo-hunting, line editing, or copy editing, I excel at riding shotgun on your manuscript. I’ve worked with several authors whose manuscripts were at various stages of completion. I can also help you navigate the publishing process – copyrighting your work, sending out queries, and even setting up crowd-funding projects.


    Every project is unique, and has its own timelines and teams. I will always be fair (to both of us) when giving you an estimate. My main operating principle is to make sure there are no surprises for you when you receive my invoice!

    A quick (and free) consultation will help me determine the right content strategy for your business.