5 Things You May Not Know About Me

I normally don’t write these types of lists, but I figured, “what the hell?”  My friends Natalia Sylvester and P.S. Jones did versions of this (choosing 9 and 8 things, respectively).  I chose 5 because I like to be mysterious, ;-)

Here we go:

1.  I love all things lemon. Lemon scents, lemon verbena soap, lemon drops, and lemons themselves.  I make great lemonade, too.   I’ll eat a lemon like an orange.  Anytime my wife or family members get a lemon with their water, they pass it to me wordlessly and then squirm as they watch me eat it.  Mmm-mmm!  Lemons!

2.    I’m a fan of Indiana Jones. I didn’t identify with most mainstream action heroes growing up, but there was something special about Indy.  He’s an underdog, he’s scrappy, and his main squeeze is as tough as him.  I used to dress up like him as a kid … fedora, jacket, satchel, gun, whip, the whole deal.   These days, he’s motivational to me as a freelance writer, because of his persistence and ingenuity.

3.  I like to wear suits. I didn’t know how to tie a necktie until I was about 32, but I began to wear suits to the office shortly after I learned this  man-skill.  I also wore sneakers with the suits, because I had a twenty minute walk from the light rail station to my office at the time, and I didn’t want to kill my knees.  Yes, people made fun of me.   These days, I dress up for formal networking events and most in-person client meetings.  It makes a good first impression.  (And if I have a long way to walk, I bring my sneakers!)

4.   I exercise seven days a week. Writing and editing are sedentary pursuits, and you rarely see a writer who is also a renowned athlete.  So it’s understandable that you may not know that exercise has been important to me since I was a teenager.  I’m also closer to 40 than 30, so I make sure to do yoga five times a week, walk at least 30 minutes a day, and lift weights at least twice a week.

5.   My favorite band is Garbage. I say favorite because they’re the first band I found on my own, followed all their news, tracked down as many B-sides as possible, and saw them in concert twice.  I enjoy 99% of their songs, and it’s rare for me to like an entire catalog of any band.   They formed in the 90s, but I think their music is timeless, with a song for every kind of emotion.   Even better?  They’re working on a new studio album right now!

So, uh, there you have it! Thanks for playing.

What are some things I don’t know about you?  Write ’em in the comments section! :-)




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