Freelance Writer and Content Marketing Strategist in Portland

Mahesh was exceptionally helpful with my overall content strategy, acting more like a creative partner than an editor — including creative brainstorming, research, a mastery of technical concepts, monthly blog composition, and some ghostwriting. Through all these ways of contributing, Mahesh consistently over-contributed and was delightfully easy to work with. I would love to work with Mahesh again!


Paul O’Brien, Executive Director, Divination Foundation

One Simple Step To Build a Client List…

…is to follow-through on a promise.  Once I’ve understood, or helped to define, the parameters of a project, I tend to take every stage of the deadline seriously.  I don’t promise fast turnarounds unless I can deliver.  I allow enough time for revisions.  Good clients clearly communicate their deadlines and expectations. Ninety-five percent of all (…Read More)

Client List

  • Blount International
  • The Oregonian
  • Western Arts Alliance
  • Portland Spirit
  • Divination Foundation
  • Oregon

My name is Mahesh Raj Mohan. I am a full-time Portland freelance writer, content marketing strategist, and editor. I help companies achieve their content goals, reach audiences, and communicate their brand messaging with a "can-do" attitude.